“Dessert before Dinner, the Princess Demands It!” (video)

Yesterday, I had lunch with my ex-office ladies. Our salads were not too delightful, but the company was.

I was also next to my favorite cupcake shop: Kara’s Cupcakes, so I picked up a little box of yummyness.

I just ate the last one (yes, before dinner!), and for some reason, I felt like I was supposed to record it and speed it up! Here’s what happened!! (I keep looking up and over because I was watching “Undeclared” on DVD!)

Oh, P.S. it’s the “Lemony Lemon” cupcake, and it’s SO good cuz the frosting is neither too sugary nor too shortening-y, plus the lemon FILLING is delish!!! The special cupcake of the month this month is SMORES: chocolate cupcake, graham cracker crumble, toasted marshmallow topping. I might buy some tomorrow if I’m feeling like a fatty, which I probably will….hahaha. I will be in the neighborhood again to have lunch with the BFF and her friend.

6 Comments on ““Dessert before Dinner, the Princess Demands It!” (video)”

  • Liv


    Yum!!! Now I’m in the mood for a cupcake! :oD

    • I totally neeeeed the smores cupcake….!

  • Mike


    Why do you torture me so? Why?

    I have a box of red-velvet cake in the cupboard. I might make cupcakes now!

  • Lingy


    That song is so cute! Where is it from?
    btw, you are an adorable!cupcake-eater

  • I just found it when I searched iTunes for “cupcake” :). I’d tell you who sings it, but my laptop is down for the count!

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