Renegade Craft Fair infos!

I can’t remember if I ever posted info for the fair!

It’s July 18-19, in Fort Mason here in San Francisco. Here is a link to the Renegade site.

I went to this fair last year as a shopper/visitor, and I was AMAZED at how many vendors there were! So Much stuff!!! Bring lots of cash!!! We ran out!

Manda and I will be at booth 92, which will be nearish to the frontish.

I’m starting to feel like there are 12 stages of planning for a craft fair. At first I felt anxious, then I felt relaxed (about having plenty of time to make stuff for my table), then I was in denial (about having no time to make stuff for my table), then I was FREAKED THE EFF OUT, and now I’m excited. I wonder what tomorrow will bring! Probably more freak-the-eff-out before this event is done.

Please come say hi. If all plans turn out well, I will have a really cool booth display, and LOTS of new, fun items!

14 Comments on “Renegade Craft Fair infos!”

  • Kristin


    Wish I could go, take pictures of you booth, please 🙂

    • I will, don’t worry! I would like to make a little video, too, but we’ll see how it goes!

  • Mike


    Maybe you could come to a craft fair close to Houston one day!

    San Francisco is way to far for me, lol!

    • HAha nice try!!! That would probably not happen for me….I rarely even do craft fairs here :). The last one I did was in 06!

  • Lee


    Sometimes I reeeeeeally wish I didn’t live on the other side of the planet 🙁
    All the best and be sure to take squillions of pics!! xox

    • I will for sure!! At least I will put up all the unsold items on Etsy, so there’s that.. 😛

  • jen


    I wish you were going to be at the Los Angeles fair too. boo hoo.

    • if I become less afraid of vending at fairs maybe i’ll go to one in LA one day :P. i really love Felt Club down there!

  • Jules Chan


    I WILL definately be there, and looking for booth 92, have passed the word around too.
    See ya’

    • Aw thanks, Jules!

      I will probably see you before then. I need my roots re-touched!

  • piper....


    i live in the LA area but my mom is nice enough to probably drive me!!! by the way will you be there on both days of the fair?

    • wow , that’s really cool! did you go to the renegade in LA?

      i will be there both days, but i suggest visiting on saturday if you can. when i did a craft fair once before, i didn’t have much left on sunday. i DO have like 3 times the stuff this time, tho, so you never know!

  • Oh man…I’m so mad now! I was supposed to get to go to the City for my sweet&sour 16th that weekend too! But now, not only do I get to miss staying at the lovely Hotel Tomo, but I also get to miss meting you! GRRR! Any chance you might come to Atlanta sometime? Maybe for DragonKon next year? Heheh…

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