WIWT: Poppy’s Wicked Garden

So I got my Voltron Shirt from Poppy’s Wicked Garden” and she also asked if I might take pics in one of her tutus. I’m not really a short skirt kinda gal, because I’m afraid of my butt hanging out, but I figured it would be fun so why not!

I snapped a few pics today, and I have to admit, her tutus are REALLY comfy, can be worn higher on the waist or lower on the hips, and are super flirty and fun.

T Shirt: Loyal Army
Skirt/Tutu: Poppy’s Wicked Garden
Scarf: Me!
Leggings: Forever 21

6 Comments on “WIWT: Poppy’s Wicked Garden”

  • Rebecca


    I’m loving this!

    • In the scheme of short skirts, it’s not SUPER short, but my knees are still showing!! 😛

  • Caz


    That outfit is too cute!

  • poppY


    leggings or Jeans and there are no worries;)
    You look cute in anything you wear anyways!

  • Nhi


    Twinkie I’ve been trying to figure out what your cute black&white mary janes are but you’ve never mentioned them in any of your wiwt posts. :c Could you possibly let me know >_< they're so adorable!

    • Hi! The brand is Demonia and I believe the style is called SPRITE. I used to buy them on Amazon but they ran out of my size!! I love their look, but, they are pretty cheap shoes and I have to replace them all the time 😛

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