You Know You Didn’t Miss Your Calling When…

….you trimmed your own bangs (Sorry, Jules), only cut off .25 mm at a time, but still ended up with uneven edges and bangs a bit shorter than you’d intended. Oh well. VIVA!!!

I just got my hair re-bleached and re-colored. When I get a “normal” blow out, it looks like this.

So then I go home and either muss it up, curl it, or, like today, put it in pigtails and butcher my fringe!

Yes, I *am* wearing Voltron shirt!

Also, this bun is oddly shaped. What would this shape remind YOU of?

Oh yeah! Just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter, I found out yesterday that Manda and I got accepted to share a table at Renegade SF July 18-19. I only ever did that one Bizarre Bazaar at Maker Faire a few years ago, but I’m giving this craft fair thing another go. At least this time I am splitting the space so there is not so much pressure to produce heaps of stuff. I do plan to have a special discounts or deals for people who buy from me there, but I haven’t worked out the deets yet. Anyway, put it on yer calendars!

12 Comments on “You Know You Didn’t Miss Your Calling When…”

  • poppY


    Oh you look so cute in my Voltron top. I’m right clicking away;)

    • Sorry it’s just a crappy Photobooth pic!

  • Jules Chan


    And I was just about to post a video on how to trim your own fringe!!! Too late I guess. dont forgot you can always walk down the street for a fringe trim.

  • Mermaid


    I think it looks cute uneven. Also, I <3 your shirt and good luck at your craft fair.

  • QBug


    I went to beauty school and I still can’t cut my own fringe. /eyerollies

    • Can you cut other people’s fringe?

      • QBug


        Indeed I can. And I do.

  • Kimi


    i love it!! i always cut my own hair after i get back from the salon and spending too much money on it!!
    congrats on renegade i was closer to come and visit you!!
    i will follow you on twitter now! look out for kimi starr 🙂

    ps…dirty bun!

    • omg i would never dare cut anything other than the front!! 😛

  • Ms. OS


    Love your hairstyles.Would you mind doing some video tutorials?

    • Hi there! I reallly don’t ever know what I’m doing with my hair 😛

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