My new tea mug and my favorite tea.

This is one of the items we brought back from Hong Kong (though I am positive you can get them here). We just stopped into a store by one of the night markets and went a little shopping cray cray up in there.

I’ve never had a mug with a floppy silicone(?) warming lid thing before. I am trying it out for the first time today!!!

I think it works super well! I had to take it off for a bit because I couldn’t get a sip of tea since it was still so hot!

At the mo, my fave tea is Owl brand Instant 3 in 1 tea that we bought at Ranch 99. (Tea, milk, sugar). It’s so easy. Just pour in hot water and go! (My ACTUALLY actual fave tea is Nestle brand Instant 3 in 1 tea, but I couldn’t find a picture of it online, and I have no idea if we can get it in the states!)

Sorry for lack of project photos lately. I am gearing up for a really fun Etsy update FILLED with VARIETY and new items. PLUS I have been hesitant to take photos because my EYEBROWS are still peeling!!! They look kinda funky….

My current take on scarves is to lean more on what I think of as EconoCowls right now: scarflettes or light cowls for slightly warmer night weather, that are also lower in price than my usual long scarves. Thoughts?

7 Comments on “My new tea mug and my favorite tea.”

  • Jules Chan


    PG Tips rule for me. With milk of course!! Brilliant!

  • Marie


    LOVE cowls and scarflettes. Lighter, cuter, cheaper … what’s not to love? I say, go for it, and I’ll be waiting patiently!

  • Sarah


    I LOVE That Cup! Your Tee is So Cute Where Did You Get it? šŸ˜€

  • Concertina


    Scarflettes are a great idea. I wear mine pretty much all winter long, even inside…so a lighter one for warmer weather would be fabulous!

  • Jaclynn


    I think the scarflettes/cowls are a great idea. I love your scarves but they are a little too expensive for me. Look forward to seeing them (hopefully) šŸ™‚

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