I’ve been a-doodlin’.

Since I still have not made amends with the pen tool or Illustrator, I have succumbed to doodling with pen on paper and then scanning it into Photoshop to color it.

It feels very ghetto but it gets the job sorta done!! Except, my scanner blows and I haven’t found a black pen that I actually like!

There’s also the small issue of my drawings sucking a little. Perspective? PSsshhhh!!!! One of my reps described them as “child-like and mildly retarded.” Way to sell that sizzle!!!!

Many of these are not supposed to be separate. I have a master plan for them….

I am gearing up for my first Spoonflower order!

I know I am really slow to the Spoonflower craze, but when it comes to graphics and drawing, it takes me a long time to get motivated. But now I have two new projects I’d like to see completed, so Spoonflower, here I come!!

While I was scanning stuff on the floor, Bibi came up to check everything out. I thought it was so funny that she was sticking her face all up in my business, so I turned on Photobooth. I am VERY easily amused when it comes to Bibi. I find that a good thing.

4 Comments on “I’ve been a-doodlin’.”

  • Mermaid


    I’ve never heard of spoonflower before, but it seriously looks amazing. Making your own fabric prints? Yes please.

    HI BIBI! <3

  • Vicki


    Loving the pickles drawing, of course! They look darling… sweet even! 🙂

  • Jules Chan


    I swear….. I love child like and mildly retarded drawings, it really is what i like!


  • Cara


    I think your drawings are AMAZING! I wouldn’t say mildly retarded at all (because then we wouldn’t have an expression for what I draw).

    My dog Pepe used to get all up in my bizness when I was doing something, but he’d be so cute you had to give him some pats anyway.

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