Hey there, I like your hair. Who does your hair? I wanna go there.

Upon occasion I will get emails asking about my hair. I have been getting my hair cut by Jules Chan at Dekko for probably 10 years. I first went to her at Architects & Heroes downtown when I was ready to chop off all my hair (and the dregs of my PERM), and then I kept following her around all over the place. Now she has her own salon….AND…now I live on the same block as Dekko! So awesome! She now has a blog, JuJuChan.com that includes Hot Hair of the Week and styling tips. Her focus on the blog is Asian hair, but I think a lot of the tips can apply to everyone. She also takes questions, and I proceeded to abuse this privilege!

Check out her latest blog entry in which I ask her about brushes for back combing!

On the topic of hair color, I use Virgin Rose by Special Effects, sometimes with a little Atomic Pink thrown in. Jodi at Dekko colors my hair now. I am too scared to bleach my own hair at home. I prefer the “better safe than BALD” approach to funky hair color!!! If you also prefer to have your hair professionally colored, you may want to ask what colors they provide in the salon. Otherwise, you can also ask if you are able to bring in your own color (which I do).

Also, only 24 hrs left in my Popcorn ebay Auction. Don’t forget!

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  • QBug


    Hahaha. I love the title of this blog.


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