Fun Stuff Round Up!

Fun Stuff Round up

Today’s Round Up is thanks to a friendly tweet! She showed me this link, and I was sooo delighted because the only place I’d seen this stuff before was in London, and I never knew where else you could buy it! Now I can go crazy!! Except I’m trying to not spend money right now, so posting it up will have to do instead. So all this stuff is from Pylones USA.

1. Soap Dispenser
2. Chopsticks (I already have two pairs of these in an ivory color and they are AWESOME!!! I’ve had them for years.)
3. 7 in 1 pencil
4. Sugar Shaker
5. Hot Dog Pen (Food pens bring me back to highschool. I had all sorts of funky and food-shaped pens to take notes in class! I also had a hypodermic needle pencil that grossed out one of the cool girls named Allison and I loved grossing her out.)
6. Frog Watering Can
7. Elephant Cell Phone Charm
8. Corn Pen

This weekend, Hairy and I ate dinner with Oliver & Esther and some of their friends at Radio Africa & Kitchen which was actually really yummy. During the day it’s Coffee Bar, and then I believe it turns into an Ethiopian-ish restaurant only on certain nights. I would suggest going with one other person and splitting all the appetizers for $25 with each other. Tasty and will fill you up! Although the lamb we had was also really good.

Before dinner, we popped into Edo Salon for our an art opening for our tattoo artist Holly Ellis who is also an amazing painter.

On Saturday, we drove down to Palo Alto to hang out with Manda. We randomly ended up eating at IHOP for dinner, and then caught Confessions of a Shopaholic, and then got donuts at Happy Donut after!!!!! I couldn’t think of a word to describe this adventure, and someone today said, “Sleepover. You guys basically had a sleepover party.”

So today, Hairy and I met up with my P.O. Rando and her friend to check out IndieMart. It was SOOOO PACKED in there!!! I came with NO money so I would not be tempted to buy anything. We got there a bit late, and P.O. Rando was hungry, so before Hairy and I went into Indie Mart, we all walked across the street to get a bite to eat, where we randomly ran into Michelle and her friend Antonio. I guess that’s what happens when you actually leave the house! And not just to go to the post office, the yarn store, or PETCO!!! We ate brunch at Eddie’s and then headed back to the mart. Hairy ate a Thai Tea cupcake, and we called it a day. Except, we also ate dinner with my pops down in Redwood City at a super spicy Chinese restaurant which was really yummy.

This weekend was so not productive, but I’m getting back in the saddle…starting….NOW!

P.S. If anyone has seen or made a cute sign to remind people to take their vitamins, let me know. I need one!

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