Check out DELISH BEADS!!! They really are!! (delish…)

Even though I’m really super poor right now, I could not help but buy some beads from new shop DELISH BEADS on Etsy (PanicDoll’s new biz). They are irresistibly yummy and I can’t wait to incorporate them into some of my items!

These green jello beads with glitter are too much!

In other news, I came home yesterday to find this in the kitchen sink:

Hairy/D-I-Guy clearly recommends using BACON TAPE for home projects.

And finally, here are your daily Snuggle Pics:

4 Comments on “Check out DELISH BEADS!!! They really are!! (delish…)”

  • aidan laine


    Those beads are fab. & the bacon tape is hilarious. I must add it to my toolbox!

  • Lelaina


    im not sure what you are planning on doing with those bunny beads, but i soooooo want!!!


  • crystal


    aww cuteness all over. The beads and the doggies!

  • Chloe


    Love fancy tape! The bacon one is awesome!

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