NutBurgers & LovelyLittleDeers

Lovely Becky from Lovely Little Deer and I made a crafty swap. I think my goodies to her are still en route to the UK, but she sent me some of her adorable handmade yumyums along with a box full of toys (like an ice cream cooking timer!!). She’s the bestest!

Up there is a pic of the cute necklace she made. She posted pics of it a little while ago and I had to have it!

Down below are some pics of one of her hair bows.

Also last night, Hairy made NUTBURGERS.

I’ve never had a nutburger before. He had prepped the nut mixture the night before. I’d have to say, it did not taste like I was eating a handful of nuts. It was really yummy and savory. It was kind of like falafel, except, I hate falafel. He also made a delicious spread for it from yogurt, garlic and some other stuffs. I always encourage him to post his recipes and pics of his foods and manly crafts, but, you know how it goes. We all have a billion ideas for a billion different blogs but manage to post in only one or two! Oh wells. Look out soon for his etsy shop, tho……It will be bursting with handmade manhood.

(oh p.s., here’s a plug for the company my brother works for: the t-shirt I am wearing was made on My bro got it for me for Xmas! Go make some shirts! And mugs! And stuff!)

3 Comments on “NutBurgers & LovelyLittleDeers”

  • Jessica


    Oh my- how yummy does that burger look?! My veggie heart (and stomach!) are crying out for a taste. AND cute gear 🙂

  • Vivianna


    OMG! you are so CUTE! I am loving all the PINK!

  • Chloe


    I absolutely love the bow!!! It’s so crazy lovely cute!!!

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