Poop, Barf, Barf, and Flooding

Today is one of those days you eat oatmeal.

You wake up, and it’s been raining all night long, and you notice that the patio is flooding and that Bunny has pooped inside on the floor because she didn’t want to go for a swim. Then, Bibi barfs, and Hairy cleans it up. Then, Hairy goes outside with a toilet plunger to plunge the patio, and he’s squatting on the patio-umbrella stand and hanging onto the pole while plunging like he’s riding a little tiny sail boat. It makes for a funny picture ,but you don’t take one in case he finds it undignified to squat in his pj pants in a photo. You pick up the poo and clean the floor, and then for some reason, Bunny also barfs, half on the floor, half on the Snoozy, which interestingly already has old barf on it you never knew about. So you clean up the barf (which was really close to the poo), and throw the tainted Snoozy in the wash.

This happens after you went to bed at 7am doing all your accounting in order to meet with the accountant for dinner in about 2 hours.

Noice: You made your sales goal for 2008.
NotSoNoice: You spent more than half of it running your business.

Ah well. Yin and Yang. And Stuff.

Here’s an old picture of Bunny climbing Hairy.

8 Comments on “Poop, Barf, Barf, and Flooding”

  • stevep


    heh, i thought my pukey cats were a good time. you win. LOL!

    miss your face…how’s things?

    • things is ok…you know…chuggin along! come back to sf for a visit!!!

  • Matt


    Bunz, in her sveldt days.

  • QBug


    Sounds like a tough morning.

    • It was an interesting morning…!

  • Dee


    It sounds like your morning was winding down.
    = ]

    I love your stuff.
    Just wondering… Do you have a Facebook group or even a fan page on it??
    Thanks, love.
    = )


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