IEATYuckyStuff meets VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!

We had epic plans for the Horrid Romantic Comedy Marathon Tri-fecta for Valentine’s Day.

Confessions of a Shopaholic, then He’s Just Not That Into You, and then coming home to watch Nights in Rodanthe on Pay Per View. We know how to do it up, right? Richard Gere FTW!

I was actually really curious about what my mental state would be like after such abuse, but alas, we woke up a bit too late to execute this properly, since any SMART person should know that you can’t gp watch a romantic comedy on VDAY at 8pm without buying advance tix and getting there really early.

AAANYWAY, we decided to go eat something instead. HOWEVER, a SMART person should also know that you basically shouldn’t leave the house on VDAY because there’s no parking anywhere and all the restaurants are packed. I tried to think of a place where NOBODY would go to eat.

I picked: 37 (degrees Celsius) Dessert Cafe in the Sunset, a tiny hole in the wall Chinese dessert cafe where white people dare not tread. It’s probably the least classy and romantic place I could think of besides fast food.

Hairy tried some epic Yucky eats this night.

First up was his strange beverage: SALTY LEMON 7UP? WHAT??!?!?!?!

We didn’t even have any idea what it was until it came. Apparently they put a pile of salty preserved lemon chunks at the bottom of the glass, and then you fill the glass with 7Up. Hairy said it was strange but not terrible, and a mix of salty and sweet. I declined a taste.

I had tea and pork cutlet ramen. Hairy also got ramen but opted for the BACON-WRAPPED HOT DOG ROLLS ON TOP!!

We finished with a baked tapioca pudding with a ribbon of red bean paste running through it, but I didn’t get a picture of that one, unfortch.

All in all, it was my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day…. i.e. it was just like any other day and not a big deal. And I still plan to experience the Horrid Romantic Comedy Marathon Tri-fecta at some point soon!

6 Comments on “IEATYuckyStuff meets VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!”

  • A ramen place that lets you get bacon hotdogs on top?

    I really need to move to SF.

  • crystal


    Whoa, with bacon dogs.. that’s yum, even though i’m not into bacon haha. yes, my bf told me today i’m weird that i don’t like it lol.

  • I like the way Hairy rolls!
    I don’t think I could pass up the opportunity to try salty lemon 7UP or anything wrapped in bacon.

  • Chloe


    This is HK style fastfood! They even have papaya chunks in ramen!!

  • Andy


    fremont 37 dessert cafe is more elegant and owned/operated by diffirent people.

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