Fun Stuff Round Up

Fun Stuff Round up Template

I know this is really soon to have another one, but I’ve just been bumping into stuff to share lately!

1) Button Bubble Dress by Lynnsrags on Etsy. I love this dress! I would totally get it, but I don’t do well with the strapless get ups! It’s super cute, though. Bright, cheery, and simple!

2) Lulu Shoulder Bag in Mint by ErickaBasile on Etsy. This one is sold, but check out her other bags!

3) Pretty self-explanatory. I just added it to my blog reader thingie! Submit pics of your own disgustingly fattening snacks. I know you have some.

4) Zipper Pouch by kaylay7 on Etsy. I just really love the print on this fabric!

5) Boba Tea SOAP by DirtyAssSoaps on Etsy. I’ve seen a lot of foodie soaps in my day, but this is the first bubble tea soap I’ve ever seen! GENIUS!! Also, I love the smell of coconut, and I would totally order this drink (my other mainstay is the taro flavor!).

6) Nanette Lepore dress on I bookmarked it when I was looking or a dress for that charity ball.

7) Panda Wallet by fluesnapper on Etsy. There is just something kinda cute about this little guy!

8) Peacock Bubble Dress by Veronica Reis on Etsy. I really do love peacock colors, and if I had $450 to throw down like it ain’t no thing, I’d totally pick one up! It’s gorgeous.

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