Reality Tv Twins: the Chairman Vs. The Bachelor


I don’t know why, but this season, I’ve started watching the Bachelor. I never wanted to be one of THOSE girls who watches the Bachelor. I recall living in Palo Alto with Renee and Patrick, and Patrick’s ladyfriend ran into the livingroom, turned on the Bachelor, and asked me who I wanted to win like it was the most urgent question ever. I was like, HUNH!?!?!

I am mostly in awe that any of these girls could possibly believe they are falling in love with this dude in a matter of weeks. I think he should shag all of them, pick his top 3, and then let his kid pick the winner after a rousing game of UNO. (I choose UNO because I once tried to play this with a small child, and it was one of the most frustrating experiences in my life because 1) I don’t like playing with children and 2) she kept making up her own rules so that she would win. THAT’S NOT FAIRRRrrrrR!!)

Every time I watch the show, all I can see is the Chairman from Iron Chef, which kind of makes the experience even better. Hairy does not see this resemblance. I think it’s pretty clear.

In other news, Hairy and I watched Revolutionary Road tonight. He concludes: “What we learn from the 50s is: 1) drink lots of booze 2) smoke lots of cigarettes and 3) sex doesn’t last very long, no lady orgasms.”

I think the moral of this entire entry is for you to GET IN THE KITCHEN.

6 Comments on “Reality Tv Twins: the Chairman Vs. The Bachelor”

  • Porphyria


    You said SHAG! Is this a glitch, or more widely used by Americans? I always thought the former!

    • I think it could maybe have been slightly more popularized after the Austin Powers movies. HAHAAH.

  • Capricia Rae


    I don’t really get how shows like that can work, since you’re basically fighting for “love” and marriage with a bunch of other girls. What if you can’t choose? What does he do if he doesn’t like all of them?

    And yet, I’m addicted. This is the first season I’ve ever really watched besides when the show first came out, and my gran was in love with it.

    • I suppose the competitive nature could make you want the dude, or make him want you, even more?

  • Jessica


    Haha hilarious! I see it- I really do! Now that’s all I’m gonna think about when I see le bachelor dude.

  • Tandsm


    I’m totally in the same boat with the bachelor. I never watch it, but I watched the previous Bachelorette with my mom and Jason was the guy who didn’t win and so I had to watch the Bachelor to see what happens.

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