VLOG: Warsh Your Genitals

(p.s. for those in the medical profession, I did say “nitrates” instead of “nitrites. Oops. Doh.)

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5 Replies to “VLOG: Warsh Your Genitals”

  1. Ramon says:

    both amusing and informative!

  2. Andreanna says:

    heh That was funny.

  3. Beth says:

    Those pills that turn your tee-tee orange will screw up the test results even when you go to the dr to have the lab test for UTI.

    Those pills work wonderfully for reducing the pain however.

    Drink lots of fluids and cranberry juice, empty your bladder frequently, and you’ll flush that bacteria right out.

    Feel better soon, hon!

  4. Jemibook says:

    I used to get UTI’s at the most inconvient of times, so now I just take a cranberry capsule after the deed is done, and I have been uber lucky and haven’t had one in a year or so! Those things the most painful things to get downstairs!

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