Turn Your Pet into a Pillow!

scooter, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

I am pretty sure I’ve blogged about PillowPillowPillow before, but I just got my Scooter in and had to share once more!!!

Scooter is PillowPillowPillow creator Aaron’s super cute pup turned art pillow. I always wanted a weinerdog, and now I have one!!!!

In my PPP package I also got news that our very own BIBI will be a pillow!!! YAY!!!! Aaron sent me a graphic of Bibi and it is SO CUTE YOU WILL DIE!!!! But I will save it as a surprise for whenever the pillow is actually available, and you too will be able to own a Bibi!!!

Or, you can always send in a pic of your own pooch or kitty to be in the running for pillowfication!

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2 Replies to “Turn Your Pet into a Pillow!”

  1. San Smith says:

    I just saw this on your flickr, sooo adorable!

  2. Jackie says:

    Its adorable! 🙂

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