I’ll Pinch Yo Dumplinz


Above is a picture of some dumpling things I helped pinch. Yeah. I’ll pinch yo dumplinz! Clearly I am not very good at it, but at least they kept the insides inside which is the point, right? Inside was mock duck, carrots, and some other Asiany Viet things that Hairy mixed up (I didn’t actually cook anything).

I am a very lucky (and fat) girl. Hairy is classically trained in culinary kung fu. When I was little, I once asked my mom if she could teach me to cook, or if she would let me throw some shizz in a pan and and then eat it. She was always kind of hesitant (or maybe busy?), and I remember cooking something once (I think it was like lettuce, beef, and salt in a skillet) and I think that sort of set up my relationship with cooking, which is to say, I don’t have one.

So as fate would have it, I now live with somebody who cooks everything under the sun, East, West, whatevs! I’m like, “I wanna eat blankety blank,” and then blankety blank is created in our very own kitchen.

I have been hoarding my photos of Hairy’s food for a bit, and now I’m just going to unload. Enjoy!

(You can also click on all the pics to make them bigger if you want!)

Steak Sammiches
hairy cooks steak sammies

Butternut (I think) Soup
Butternut Soup

Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops

Little Apple n Pear Pot Pies with Berry Goo
Apple thingie

Monk Fish
MOnk FIsh 2


5 Comments on “I’ll Pinch Yo Dumplinz”

  • Beth


    I wouldn’t cook either if I had Hairy. <3

    • I know, right? There’s like no point cuz anything I make would be yucky!

  • Kristin


    cannnn i move in with you ? haha

    • You’ll have to sleep in the bathtub! 😛

  • Bessi


    Wow! These all look amazing! I grew up on basic American foods. Even tho I live up northwest Alaska, I didn’t even get to experience the foods Alaskans eat for survival, just cause my mom didn’t introduce it to my life. A lot of recipes I want to try either we don’t have the ingredients or it’s just too pricey to put something really nice together. I’ve always wanted to try a lamb chop recipe, but the stores here don’t carry the meat 🙁

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