Happy New Year!

So Manda, Hairy, and I spent NYE in Lake Tahoe with my bro bro and his friends. My bro organized the whole thing, and I still owe him a check (which I had in my purse the whole time)!

Here’s my wicked video montage!!!

We drove up on Wednesday night, and it took ten thousand years due to traffic. Then we got dressed to go to the casino Mont Bleu. We were going to be walking a mile in the snow, so none of us really went dressy or supercute. We wanted to be WARM!

Here is Manda in her 70s top and HUGE glasses!

And then Hairy in her big glasses.

There’s me in the big glasses, altho not my favorite pic!

Here’s me and Manda inside the really dorky convention room at Mont Bleu.

And the three of us hating the long line for the bar!

Not many more pictures from the rest of that night. We went into the club “Blu” for the NYE countdown, but it was really smushy in there, so then we went to the Pure Lounge to hang out a bit. Then we hit the slot machines and ate some food at 3 in the morning.

The next day, we woke up late, and went to frolic in the snow!

Manda bought us surprise matching hats!!!!! I love mine and would wear it all the time except it smashes my hair and I look really bad with smashed hair.

Mando jumping pics!

We found this abandoned snow man and decided to adopt him.

Here’s Manda’s snow angel:

Manda ended up making her own snow man, SnowManda.

After frolicking, we got cookies at the Nestle shop, and then ate pizza ordered from Pizza Hut. There was an hour-plus wait at the places we tried to eat at, so we gave up!!!! Then Manda stayed in to read, and Hairy and I walked to the movie theater to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The next day, it was SNOWING!! We ate inside this funny little lodgey/chalet place called Heidi’s for breakfast and then we started the long, trafficky, snowy, trek home. At one point, Manda and I were dying to pee, and we ended up stopping at a place that said CAFE, but there was actually no cafe, and only a sled rental place. We paid $10 to pretend to be customers so we could use the bathroom instead of the portapotty outiside.

On the way home, we stopped at SIZZLER in Sacramento for dinner, because we thought it would be funny. ENDLESS SALAD BAR, FTW.

Happy New Year!!!! This should be an interesting one.

(for Hairy’s re-cap of the weekend, go to his blog entry.

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  • Lelaina


    Are they Chica hats?? so cute ^.^

    i want snow!! its so terribly hot here. im over Australian summers. i want to be in those pictures, with those hats!!


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