Fun Stuff Round Up!

I decided to do occasional round ups of fun stuff to share cute or funny or weird stuff that I find and/or love!

1. Artist Nouar now has an etsy shop open where you can buy some prints!

2. Check out some of Jon Lajoie’s funny music videos on YouTube. Ganked from Gala Darling’s tweet.

3. Super cute Sweet Tooth Tunic at

4. Um, I canNOT believe this amazing dress is STILL available at I’mYourPresent. What’s wrong with you people!?

5. Totally amazing Chanel cake made by DebbieDoesCakes on Flickr. She is amazing! Go drool!

6. Cute green playsuit made by LooseTeeth on etsy!

7. Uh, have you seen anything CUTER?!!! Adorable plush box of Valentine’s chocolates from She only made 10 sets!

8. Check out really cute prints by primpedpaperie on etsy.

3 Comments on “Fun Stuff Round Up!”

  • Andreanna


    I love the Sweet Tooth Tunic!

  • Ana Paula


    Hello, you would like to participate in an exchange of gifts between blogs? We call them troquinhas and it is great! You are increve and then a draw is made for his partner. Then you send gifts to her and she sends gifts for you. If you like, leave me a message I send me to the instructions in English, ok? His works are beautiful!

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