Today we love PINK!

pink pink, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

I noticed that I was gathering photos of pink things, so I decided to purge a little!

Today I’m Loyal-Army-ed-out. Pretzel tee and Pink Hoodie. The hoodie doesn’t look all that exciting in the pic, but it has cute buttons and a little yoke that are subtle touches but very sweet.

Also shown is my new pink owl mug!! Go to Target and check out all their cute Valentine’s day housewares stuffs. I wanted to buy the entire display!

And finally, I wanted to share with you my love for cranberry capsules. They are filled with cranberry juice concentrate powder. You can either just take the capsules, or open them and use the powder to make a tea! I hate taking pills, so I’ve been drinking the cranberry “tea” (3 capsules’ worth in a cup of hot water). You have to drink it while it’s hot. When it’s cold, it’s NASTY (powdery)!! I find that if I am starting to feel the early stages of a ….uhh…. UTI….(sorry, squeamish boys!)…. that I can fight it off without Cipro by drinking a LOT of water ALL the time and drinking 3 cups of cranberry tea a day with food. Obvs if you get worse or if it sticks around for a few days, please call your doctor! Don’t get a kidney infection!

There’s your random bladder-related tip for the day ;).

4 Comments on “Today we love PINK!”

  • Kristin


    I so wish you had posted this a year ago… I was laid up almost all of last January with a NASTY (and my first in 38 years) UTI that almost turned into a kidney infection.
    Cipro saved the day!
    Cheers to 2009, so far so good 🙂
    eklektic from flickr

    • Sometimes nobody talks about the icky ladystuff!

  • anon


    That owl mug is so cute!! I need to get one for myself. (:

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