Your Daily Snuggle Pic

Doggies are SOOOOO cute!

I got some shrink plastic in the mail today. I want to make Bibi brooches! Or Bibi medallions. We’ll see.

ALso before I got dressed or did my hair, I was running through some possibilities for NYE.

This was before I knew that I’d probably have to walk a mile in my NYE outfit in subzero weather to get to the club we are going to in Tahoe.

I obviously need to re-think my options.

Today I cut some felt out for a custom hoodie.

I wanted to take a pic for her before sewing anything on, in case she hates it!

Future craft plans: finish some other custom/trade projects, plan a new menu for new and never-seen-before Valentine’s day goodies, work on new t-shirt designs and other surprise stuff with the new Wacom tablet I got for xmas! woo!

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