Santa Comes Early

So Hairy and I decided that our Xmas present to each other would be to buy a new point and shoot digital camera. My Olympus D-40 is completely dead and his Sony is also on its last legs.

So today we picked up this Sony Cybershot.

We basically wanted something compact, so that we’d be more likely to take it with us. I also wanted something with the ability to zoom while shooting video. The dude at Best Buy told us that 1) it had gotten less than stellar reviews for low-light image quality and 2) he didn’t personally prefer the touch screen technology. We were comparing it with some Canon Elph PowerShot. We kept flipping and flopping, and ultimately, I said that we were here to get something really portable and easy to carry around, so we went with the Sony.

I need to bang out a Christmas commission tonight in order to ship it by tomorrow, so I can’t take the new camera out of the box to play with it yet!

However, I just saw online that the same camera comes in pink….and also lime green!! Uh oh!!! Hmmmm……

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