WIWT 12.16.08

WIWT 12.16.08, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

I’m probably like the worst WIWT’er ever. I mostly only use photobooth, and sometimes I don’t even have full body shots. WHATEVS!!!!

I just got this little dress from ModCloth.com. It is really soft (and will probably get super-pill-y soon) and makes me feel like a cupcake!!

As you can see, I have fired up the gas fireplace. It is colds! I also have the space heater on for more direct heat! It’s like 40 degrees out, and I know that is nothing for a lot of you, but I’m a California girl and all I can say is BRRRRRrrrrRRRR!!!

Tonight we are going to San Mateo for sushi (yay!), and in totally unrelated news, my bro bro is helping to update my shop page, which means, (hopefully), Zencart and no more having to email back and forth to order. I love chatting with you all via email, but it’s really time consuming making sure to mark everything sold and keep the orders straight. Fingers crossed!!

Oh, edited to add this pic:

Guess who else loves the fireplace..

Bibi loves the fireplace, too.

Plus you can totally see me sneaking over with my laptop to take that pic in the reflection of the fireplace glass!! AHAH.

2 Comments on “WIWT 12.16.08”

  • Ellyssa


    Love the dress looks like frilly cupcake icing and bibi is to cute, and 40 degrees is nothing for me rofl…but if I lived in California a, I would probably have the same problem u have.

  • I loved that dress too!!! But it was kinda weird and clingy and really accentuated my middle-aged belly!! 😛

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