WIWT // Plush You!

WIWT 11.7.08

I have a really cute long fleece coat in pink that I will wear outside, but I forgot to snap pics of it!

On one hand, the concept of WIWT seems overly self-absorbed to me. But on the other, it gives me a little more incentive to wear more of my clothes, instead of going to jeans and t-shirts every day. Why have the clothes if you are not going to wear them?

I still need to get more sweater/lingerie bags, tho, to keep my cute handmade clothes in clean rotation!

Tonight we are going to this. If you are in SF, you should come out!

(I’m still tweaking that durned mitten pattern. I can’t let it go! AHHH!! I need to stop tinkering and move on! Anyway, hope to finish my favorite ones before the weekend is out.)

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