WIWT (what I wore today…and what I WORKED on today?)

WIWT 11.06.08

Another day I didn’t wear pants!

I can’t remember where some of this stuff came from because I’ve had them forever. The Parker Posey Shirt and the belt I’ve had for ages. And the shoes, well, let’s not even talk about shoes because I only wear one pair everyday, basically!

Skirt: www.HeidiSeeker.com
Leggings: Macy’s
Socks: www.sock-dreams.com
Popsicle Necklace: a boutique in Kowloon

I was up late last night trying to finally nail down my own pattern for mittens. There are some patterns that are like hand tubes, but I always like my mittens and fingerless mittens to also have some shape in the wrist. I will probably keep tweaking and keep tweaking (and thus driving Dorita crazy) but I am fairly happy with what I’ve come up with so far. I finished one whole one and then ran out of yarn. I basically live at Michael’s and they should just let me have a cot there for napping! I’ve a really really cute idea for a neat ice cream cone mitten! I’m so into things like mittens and fannypacks right now that it seems the scarves have fallen to the wayside, but I also have tons more cute ideas for scarf collections. I just need a thousand hands!


Here’s a peek into my pattern notebook. It’s a total mess. I then type them up later with cute Photoshop graphics (you know how I roll) and photos of finished objects, but nobody gets to see that except me, Dorita, and the copyright office (triad posse of 3, reprezent).

I am off to visit the office, mail something off to ShanaLogic, and also mail 3 scarves to my dad’s friend for her nieces on Thanksgiving!

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