Puffy Eyes, Winky Kitties, and Snuggly Pups

puffy eyes, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Ok, this is my first post using the blog-posting-thing via Flickr! We’ll see how it turns out!

It pretty much hurts to blink, and I’m not sure how much longer to let it go before seeing A DOCTOR. I’d rather not. So I’ll keep AN EYE ON IT for a bit. The pictures really don’t show ya much at all, but it kind of feels like a little headache inside the lower lid. It’s weird.

Also today I am sporting my kitty tee from EmAndSprout!

Hairy notes that it may be the only purple piece of clothing I own.

Finally, last night, while Bibi and Bunny were snuggling, Hairy took a short video clip, and then I was prompted to make a SNUGGLY PUPPIES MONTAGE OF CUTENESS!!! None of the snuggling is posed in these clips. However, I do not pretend that Bibi is truly in love with Bunny. Bibi just likes to rest her head on things, and if Bunny is nearby, well, snugglefest ensues. Enjoy!!!

I have no effing clue why my link to emandsprout is so janky. I keep looking at the code and getting frustrated! Hmmm.

(Um, ok, as soon as I edited the post with my note about being frustrated, the link fixed itself. I think my computer is alive and wants to embarrass me. VERY FUNNY, COMPUTER!)

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  1. Beth says:

    Bibi and Bunny just made my blood sugar number rise. Sweetness overload!

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