Cupcakes for Cousins

This is the cupcake scarf I whipped up this week for my cousin in Hong Kong:


It’ll probably get cut off at I’m trying to figure out how to link Flickr to Word Press so I can just upload these to Flickr and post them here. I think I got Flickr and Word Press to talk to each other, but all I ended up posting was a “<" symbol! Also, recently, the very cute site PillowPillowPillow contacted me. He is friends with Jenny Harada and asked me to submit a pic of Bibi to the site, which I did. People submit pics of their pets to his site, and then he makes pillows out of them. They are really cute! Check it out! I really love Scooter the Basset Hound! I would grab a pic to post but his site is in Flash and I am too lazy to screencap. Go Go!

2 Comments on “Cupcakes for Cousins”

  • Bonnie


    this scarf looks super adorable. do you have a written crochet pattern for the cupcake
    i love the idea of a flat cupcake to make my granddaughter a hair clip.
    thank you

    • TwinkieChan


      The pattern is in my first book, which is out of print, but is also available for Kindle.

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