Damn Good Pickles

This is a video demonstrating my current regimen to cure The Cough From Hell:

Also snapped some photos today of some stuffs (you’ll see I’m wearing the same thing in all of the vids/pics from today!).

Beth from Jus Shar Designs worked on a little sweater with/for me and it’s really really cute!


Here is a peek at one of the things I’m putting together for a boutique/website in Boston.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is not only Renee’s favorite, but Hairy’s, too!

I must now return to editing images for a good website update. Hopefully next week I will finally post up the sweetshirts/sweetpants, some pins/brooches, and some felted ipod cozies. Yay! Ok back to work.

3 Comments on “Damn Good Pickles”

  • jocelan


    I love your website update! so yummy!

  • Amanda


    please tell me where you got your necklace! It’s so cute:P

    • It was made by cicelymargo.etsy.com 🙂

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