Stoopid & Sweet

I have had this sprinkley resin necklace in my faves from Stoopidgerl’s Etsy shop for a little while! I was so happy to finally make it mine!

Today I also got my roots did. It’s the only moment in time you will see me with my hair flat or not in pigtails. I’ve been flip-flopping over getting a hair cut, or letting it grow out a bit. Then I thought it seemed backward to grow your hair out during the SUMMER!

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  1. Jenny Delish says:

    Hey yr blog posts have been so fun lately. 😀
    What’s your fave place to get cute tshirts?
    I used to like Loyal Army, but the don’t fit all that well…

    • Twinkie Chan says:

      Oh I really love the Loyal Army blanks!!!! I think they are the perfect length!

      I end up getting shirts all over the place. Delias. Etsy. Hairy follows a lot of tshirt blogs, so I end up finding random tshirt companies through him as well.

  2. Nah, it’s not too weird to grow it out during summer. Depending on how long someone would want to go it would still be growing out during summer right?

  3. Jacque says:

    Aw that is such an adorable necklace!! I love all the jewelry in Stoopidgerl’s etsy shop! Super cuteness!!

  4. Oh I wish my hair would grow. It gets to my shoulders and just stops. I love your hair by the way. The colour is amazing!

  5. Jules Chan says:

    Grow it, Perm it!!!

  6. Jules Chan says:

    Perm it with the color in, and if it snaps off, you’ll still have abit of length!! Viola, new look!

  7. Jules Chan says:

    Ha, Ok, bad idea then?

  8. chinamommy says:

    that perm comment sent me into the fetal position… I’m a child of the 80’s! Spiral perm baby!! Eeeeeekkkkkkk, run from the room screaming!

  9. Elysse! says:

    dude, you look epically cute* with straight hair!

    *as per usual.

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