Hot Cakes

I’ve been working on two of these for a commission.

While sewing in the ends (the part I hate most about crocheting, espesh cuz I’m really anal about it) I stabbed myself underneath my fingernail with a small tapestry needle. Hurty!

I’ve also been working on the design still for the Yummy You site and online shop, as well as working on an update to the Etsy shop. The mitts I’m working on for that update are soooo super scrumptious!

I am also suuuuuper behind on some gifties I wanted to crochet for friends. Sadly, the gifties always fall by the wayside. I gotta make some time for that!

It’s been a bit hard planning my booth for Renegade. I kind of want to focus on fewer types of items, but with higher quantities of each. It’s tough to decide which items to make the most of! I think I will have a handful of scarf designs, coffee cup cozies, brooches, tissue box cozies, zipper danglies, embellished cardigans, one special tshirt design, and maybe mitts? When I had mitts and cute-tility packs at Renegade last year, they did not sell very well….so I dunno if I should bother to bring them this time!

I have a supremely fun idea for tote bags sewn from scratch. I better get on designing and ordering the custom fabric for that! Eep!

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  • Rach


    I’d love to see some cute arm cuff/warmers as it’s winter over here now! 🙂

    • I am definitely working on cute fingerless mitts for my Etsy update 🙂

  • I’ll take one of each!! I wish I could go to one of the renegades! that scarf looks awesome… and I can’t wait for your etsy update. Maybe this time I’ll get to it in time. I missed the last one!

    • I am working on trying to keep the Etsy shop more stocked more often!

  • Willow_wantz


    That turned out so very well. They look delicious!

  • Willow_wantz


    I didn’t know you sew too!

    • OH I totally do not! I have to ask my bestie or my mom to help sew stuff. I wanted to learn to sew in 2010, but I have been so busy already, that I don’t know if that will happen!

      • Elysse!


        I will teach you how to sew!

        • You’re too busy!! Do you even get to sew things for yourself?

          • Elysse!


            Yes, I do.

            …unless its a particular present for you, which i STILL have not finished. soon. sooonnnn!

  • Kimmie


    trying hard not to make an attempt at making this for myself. im waiting impatiently for your book. This scarf is AWWWWWWSOOOMME! I need one now!!!!

    • Aw I am not one to stifle the DIY impulse!! I only think it gets a little sticky when someone sees something, copies it, and then goes and sells it… 😉

  • manikgrl


    oooh…renegade!! Can’t wait!! I hope to get some cup cozees…fun fun fun!!

    • OMG i hope time moves slowly so that I have lots of time to make goodies!!! hehhe

  • Love your scarf, and i just saw your tattoo its yummy! xx

  • Sandy


    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh the scarf looks yummi! I can’t wait to see pics of your booth – the last pics of the craft fair were like Wonderland

    • OMG I have to start designing the booth! HEHEH I always want to do something different..which is hard on the wallet, but I can’t help it.

  • Jenn Lance


    Oooh, Renegade!! I can’t wait! This year will be my first Renegade, and I’m so excited about it. I hope to find your booth quick enough to get some cute goodies!

    PS- the scarf looks so adorable and delicious!

    • Ohh Renegade is lots and lots of fun!!!

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