Stoopid & Sweet

I have had this sprinkley resin necklace in my faves from Stoopidgerl’s Etsy shop for a little while! I was so happy to finally make it mine!

Today I also got my roots did. It’s the only moment in time you will see me with my hair flat or not in pigtails. I’ve been flip-flopping over getting a hair cut, or letting it grow out a bit. Then I thought it seemed backward to grow your hair out during the SUMMER!

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  • Jenny Delish


    Hey yr blog posts have been so fun lately. 😀
    What’s your fave place to get cute tshirts?
    I used to like Loyal Army, but the don’t fit all that well…

    • Oh I really love the Loyal Army blanks!!!! I think they are the perfect length!

      I end up getting shirts all over the place. Delias. Etsy. Hairy follows a lot of tshirt blogs, so I end up finding random tshirt companies through him as well.

  • Nah, it’s not too weird to grow it out during summer. Depending on how long someone would want to go it would still be growing out during summer right?

  • Jacque


    Aw that is such an adorable necklace!! I love all the jewelry in Stoopidgerl’s etsy shop! Super cuteness!!

  • Oh I wish my hair would grow. It gets to my shoulders and just stops. I love your hair by the way. The colour is amazing!

    • I have heard about that happening to other people’s hair! I have no idea how long my hair will grow. I’ll usually want to chop it all of again!

    • omg, jules, how will i survive growing out color!?!?! AHHHHH.

  • Jules Chan


    Perm it with the color in, and if it snaps off, you’ll still have abit of length!! Viola, new look!

    • your next invention: no-damage perms!

  • chinamommy


    that perm comment sent me into the fetal position… I’m a child of the 80’s! Spiral perm baby!! Eeeeeekkkkkkk, run from the room screaming!

    • OMG i have had many perms, even as a child. I LOVED THEM, and i still do!! AHAHAH. It is my destiny.

  • Elysse!


    dude, you look epically cute* with straight hair!

    *as per usual.

    • Aw thank you! I actually didn’t mind it, until it went COMPLETELY FLAT like 10 minutes later, and I looked horrible. I’ll show you in person one time. Ask me to smooth all my hair down. I have a really weird face to head proportion! ALL FACE.

      • Elysse!


        its ok, I’m ALL CHIN.

        We should have a play date where we dress up and do our hair and makeup all crazy. I bet it’d be a hoot.

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