Hello Kitty Forever!

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Have you guys already checked out the Hello Kitty Forever collection at Forever21? I’m so thrilled that my buddy Onch┬ádesigned the jewelry for it. His signature piece is a colorful pretzel necklace, so this pretzel-Sanrio-mash-up necklace is super awesome! I think most of the jewelry is already sold out, but you should check it all out at F21 anyway, or you might also have better luck visiting your local store. Aside from the above bow sweater, I also got this Hello Kitty sweater. What I really liked about the collection was the color palette. It was bright and springy and cheery, which I really welcome when most of what you get in the winter are blacks and grays maybe some jewel tones. All the sweaters are soft and comfy! I’m wearing a size Medium. I get hot really easily, so I don’t know why I bought so many sweaters, but I really couldn’t help it. They were so cute! It would be neat if I knew how to convert all of them to short sleeves! Here’s another one I got! Not part of the Hello Kitty Forever collection, but I couldn’t resist the lavender and the pearls. Only problem is that it kinda rides up high on me, so I’d have to remember to wear something longer underneath. Not sure if I’ll keep it yet or not. I also snagged these super cute pink tights with pink hearts! Finally, I also got this hearts shirt with bows on the back. It really shows off my foodbaby, so part of me wants to return it, but it’s just so cute! Time to start exercising! I also got these cropped purple pants, but they fit me so weird! They squeeze my thigh fat so it looks super bad when I sit, but they are still kinda loose in the waist. I don’t think of myself as a really curvy person, but pants hardly ever fit me the right way cuz they’ll be tight in the hip/thigh and loose in the waist. Don’t get me started on skinny jeans. I can’t even fit my calves into most of them. My foot won’t come out the bottom! Anyhoo, it was fun trying on my new duds! Time to go back to work!

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