Less than one week until … THE KNIT SHOW with Vickie Howell

In March, I backed Vickie Howell’s The Knit Show. In August, I was filming for it. On October 5th, Season 1 premieres on YouTube.

The Knit Show will be very first studio quality, community-funded and internationally accessible, episodic how-to knitting & crochet series, from the host of the wildly popular DIY & HGTV series, “Knitty Gritty”, and PBS’ “Knitting Daily with Vickie Howell.”

When I decided to back the show, I wanted to support my craft and my community and help make part of knit/crochet history. Vickie is a rock star, and if I could help in some small way to make this amazing thing happen, then I was going to! I had no idea that a few months later, I’d be flying to Austin 3 days before my birthday to film part of an episode.

I met Crafty Is Cool, who kindly bought me a birthday taco the next day. I met The Crochet Dude (yeah THAT Crochet Dude). I saw Kelley Deal but I tried to be like nbd. I hung out with Vickie’s daughter Clover, and an air conditioning duct that was blasting freezing cold air at us at high velocity provided hours of entertainment, Boomerangs, and slo-mos.

It is rare for me to hang out with my peeps in person, so this was a very special trip and a very special experience. I even hung out with the Hivesters (you’ll see) a little bit, and one of them brought me a giant birthday day donut the next day. Like, who is that nice? I hope you all subscribe to The Knit Show YouTube Channel and watch it all unfold on October 5th! Also please keep hounding Vickie about Knit Show t-shirts because I really want one, even though I already have the enamel pin and the tote bag….

BTW the day after filming for The Knit Show, I hosted a pop-up shop in Austin which was also super incredible. I’ll blog about that next!

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