First Sketches of the Projects from “Crocheted Abode A La Mode”

Interviewers often ask me about my crochet design process, and I tell them that I always start off with a sketch. Sketching my ideas in Photoshop helps me figure out the colors and basic shapes I want to use. Afterward, there is of course a lot of trial-and-error during the actual crocheting, but the sketches definitely help me start! I am not a graphic designer or artist by any means (I think I say this a lot), so these sketches aren’t amazing works of art. They are basically the stick-figures and smiley-faces of the art world, but that’s all that I need! The simpler, the better.

When I sold Crocheted Abode A La Mode, most of the patterns and projects didn’t even exist yet. They were figments of my imagination. Before I started the designing and writing of the book, my publisher asked me to send them sketches of everything. I saved them and thought it would be fun to share them with you!

Project 01 - Strawberry Shortcake Mixer Cover

Project 02 - Grocery Fridge Magnets Project 03 - Honey Bear Apron Project 04 - Breakfast DishCloths Project 05 - Cherry Pie Cushions Project 06 - Banana Split Throw Pillow Project 07 - Frosted Animal Cookie Garland Project 08 - Cheeseburger Tissue Box Cozy Project 09 - All Sorts Licorice Afghan Project 10 - Giant Donut Floor Pouf Project 11 - Gummy Bear Towel Basket Project 12 - Ice Cream Cone Shower Mitt Project 13 - Birthday Cake TP Cozy Project 14 - Little Cherry Zipper Pulls Project 15 - Bubble Gum Circle-RugProject 16 - TV dinner tablet cozy Project 17 - Taco Pencil CaseScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.44.45 AM Project 19 - Bread Loaf Letter Organizer Project 20 - Red Licorice Wrist Rest

Hope that was a fun little peek into how I work and imagine the universe!

P.S. I’m currently prepping new goodies and gizmos for Renegade Craft Fair coming up in mid-July here in SF. I’m kinda taking a big risk and doing something a bit different. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and I hope you guys think so, too!! More details as they unfold! Wish I had 2 more months instead of less than 1 month! TYPICAL!

4 Comments on “First Sketches of the Projects from “Crocheted Abode A La Mode””

  • Jennifer


    I love all these sketches! I especially love the cherry zipper pulls because they’re so cute and great for little kids!

  • Karen Brathwaite


    Hi Ms. Twinkie, those are great drawings especially the bubble gum bath mat in the words Bubble and Pop. I guess the word Bubble didn’t make the cut in the book. And just to let you know that I completed the Birthday Cake toilet paper cozy!!!! And I’m on my second one in Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Aruba Sea and White. Who knows, next I will be doing it colors Blue and Orange both by Red Heart of course so far I’m gearing up for the holidays in December and the Birthday Cake cozy comes as a great holiday gift. Thank you once again for the update and God bless you.

  • tami


    I love all of them. Donut pillow is my favourite. Taco case is second!

  • El


    I have your book! Every single project is AWESOME!!!! Wish I could make them all, but I need to go and buy the right type of yarn!!!!!!!!!!! :0
    -E <3 Eggos

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