I’m a judge for the 2015 Crochet Awards!

Fun news!!! I’ve been asked to be a judge for the 2015 Crochet Awards, formerly known as The Flamies!! How cool is that!?

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Created by Founder and Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, Laurie Wheeler, the Crochet Awards are a celebration of the best of what the crochet universe has to offer. These coveted awards are a collective voice to show appreciation to the makers, designers, publishers, and suppliers of crochet tools and yarn.  They are voted on by the passionate crochet community to show their pride and celebrate excellence.

And new for 2015: the Crochet Awards will now occur quarterly, in order to really focus on all the amazing contributions to the crochet community! This quarter, we will be focusing on Crochet Patterns in Apparel!

To follow along and stay on top of all the Crochet Awards news, hit up their Facebook page! I gotta go now and keep working on my nomination list :). Stay tuned…. I think you guys will also be getting an opportunity to do some nominating, too!

5 Comments on “I’m a judge for the 2015 Crochet Awards!”

  • Hi Twinkie.. it is an honor to be a judge with you for this quarters Crochet Awards. It should be fun!

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi Lorene! Oh my gosh, it’s a tough job!!! hehe 😉

  • Lee


    Way cool!
    Don’t suppose you’ll be judging your own creations?

    • TwinkieChan


      Nope! The awards are for crochet patterns, and I don’t release that many, and most wouldn’t fit into the categories we’re judging, like dresses and pants and stuff.

  • mia olthof


    Congrats! Looking forward to your nominations!

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