IDGAF Kitchen: Pumpkin Pecan Mexican Wedding Cookies! (vegan!)

PumpkinWedding2Ok, we all know that I am NOT a good food/baking blogger, so my photos are of baked goods that are THREE days old. But the food still tastes good!

Picture above are pumpkin pecan Mexican wedding cookies. My buddy Elysse (who has a new blog called The Vegan Sweet Beat!) came over on Saturday night for pizza, baking, and rom com (we watched Walk of Shame…. I give it a “meh” although A+++ for big giant hair). We used this recipe from Cookie and Kate. Our cookies did have more powdered sugar on them before, but, you know… THREE DAYS.

PumpkinWeddingThe recipe calls for whole wheat flour, and we used Earth Balance instead of butter or coconut oil. I LOVE ME SOME PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS (but not the PSL or any pumpkin spice drink…), and these cookies were super yummy! They did not end up quite as dry and crumbly as the Mexican wedding cookies I am accustomed to, but Kate mentioned this would be the case when you sub out the real butter. Regardless: YUM. Elysse toasted the pecans, and my kitchen smelled AMAZE.

BrownieElysse also suggested we bake a back-up in case the pumpkin pecan cookies turned out weird. Well, actually, the brownies turned out to be weird!!! (We still ate them.) It was the first time I baked or tasted a brownie with black beans in it. I have always been really curious about them, but Elysse thought this recipe was not the best, and the brownies came out SUPER DUPER DENSE. It was almost like eating …. firm chocolate jello, or I guess, fudge. However, they were better the next day, and even better the day after that, etc etc, so I think that having some time to dry out did them some good. Anyway, I have no idea what recipe we used, but Elysse says she has a better recipe, so if I get around to make those, I will link you!

Here’s us on Saturday night getting our PB on. I’m looking serious/dubious about putting on the peanut butter the right way, and Elysse is triumphantly zig-zagging through it all with a knife.

BrownieUsI have pumpkin puree left over, so, per Elysse’s suggestion, I am going to try making a pumpkin spice smoothie next!

6 Comments on “IDGAF Kitchen: Pumpkin Pecan Mexican Wedding Cookies! (vegan!)”

  • kimmi


    oh god, black bean brownies are only good for ~one thing. If you catch my ~drift

    • TwinkieChan



  • Cara


    My friend made cake pops using a black bean brownie recipe and they were so good, but yeah very dense, almost like pudding? Great for cake pops though!

    • TwinkieChan


      AHHH that’s actually a really good idea. I can totally see that!

  • Fiona


    yay will definitely follow her blog – I have a hard time finding dairy free sweet recipes! btw both look awesome, even if the brownie was a bit strange on the first day. I’m imagining they were the sweet equivalent to lasagna or spag bol, always better a few days later 🙂

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