Where’d all my patterns on Michaels.com go? Here’s the scoop!

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I know a lot of you have noticed that all my free patterns on Michaels.com have disappeared. And it’s not that I’ve been singled out, but if you check out “all crochet” patterns on the site, you’ll see there’s a grand total of TWELVE patterns, where there used to be hundreds.

Now that Michaels.com allows you to shop online (yay! finally!), they also started to revamp their entire pattern section, so that you can check out a pattern and then also have links to all the materials you need to complete the project. Plus, the pattern layout is MUCH prettier and more modern-looking!! I can imagine that overhauling hundreds of knit and crochet patterns is a huge undertaking. I asked Michaels if they thought my patterns would end up back on the site one day or if they were starting from scratch. The idea seems to be that all the patterns will go back up in their new and improved format, but it will take some time.

Meanwhile, I’ve been  trying to load up the patterns here on my blog when I have free time, but as you could see from my mysterious Mad-Lib-style blog post, my free time is a bit sparse right now! I also need to update the links in past posts so that you guys don’t keep getting linked into a black hole ;).

So I’m working on it!

I also just wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated all the support here for my patterns and my work. I definitely don’t make a lot of money doing what I do, so when I get messages from you guys letting me know you were inspired to learn to crochet or that you like my wacky weird take on crochet, I feel really grateful and happy that we can all share this fun craft together!

I hope Sarah doesn’t mind if I single out her comment :P. I just got it today and it was Michaels-related, plus it was super duper nice! Also I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to teaching or making video tutorials, so I’m glad that they are helpful!


14 Comments on “Where’d all my patterns on Michaels.com go? Here’s the scoop!”

  • Pamela Emerson


    That was very sweet of Sarah. And I have to agree. You have some of the Cutest designs out there. Happily Hooking in Indiana.

  • kimmi


    now I want a crochet bouquet. with food mixed in.

  • Twinkie Chan, you inspire me soooooo much! As a foodie who is learning to crochet, your patterns are a dream come true for me. I hope that all your patterns who up on Michaels again and that Michaels in Canada starts selling online too.

  • Jennifer


    If you knew how much you inspire the masses, I’m sure it would make your heart happy. I know a group of crochet bloggers who consider you a Crochet Rock Star! Know that you are an inspiration and motivation every day!

  • Michelle


    I LOVE reading your posts. I’m inspired to create. And get a lot of tips for my small business. 🙂 Love that it’s a pulse on the craft world.

    Thanks for sharing your advice.

    PS. If we guess the fill in the blanks and get them right, do we get a prize?

    • TwinkieChan


      AHAHAH a fill-in-the-bank contest would be really funnny!!!!

  • Tina


    Yay! I am a totally new “crochet-er” and learned by watching videos on youtube. I came across your fun items on pinterest (which led to your website and to etsy) and am dying to make a Snowflake Sugar Cookie Scarf, so I am thrilled that one day… by winter hopefully… Michaels.com will have your patterns back up. In the meantime, I’ll have to try something else just as yummy! Thanks Twinkie Chan for doing such fun silly stuff, I’m so excited to try your things before the ol’ single crochet dish cloth :-).

  • Thanks for taking the time to upload the patterns here 🙂 You rock! I love the note – I know it made your day!

  • Kylie


    Sooo I was rootin’ around on Ravelry and decided to click a link to one of your patterns on michaels to see if any had returned to the site yet.

    And “lo and behold” it took me to canada.michaels.com and 12 of your patterns (I think it’s missing some) are still there!
    Just thought I’d let you know so maybe you can refer people there for the time being.

    • TwinkieChan


      Ah that’s so interesting! I guess it’s because they don’t offer online shopping for Canadian Michaels yet. I’m also curious about which patterns went to Canada and which didn’t…… so far I see that the Slushee Cup and the Turkey Tissue Cozy and the Cupcake Dish Cloth didn’t make it! ;P

    • TwinkieChan


      Thank you!!

  • Reney


    Hi TwinkieChan!
    I recently started to crochet again. I am self taught from a book and have made mostly rectangles and squares in the past. I found the Cupcake Dishcloth pattern at my local Michael’s and decided to give it a try. I was so happy to find your video on YouTube which helped me get over the intimidation factor, I had it whipped up in just a couple of hours. It turned out great and I am feeling empowered now that I know how to SC2Tog! I am completely psyched to try other shapes and patterns now. Thank you!

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi Reney!! Aw, that makes me so happy!! I hope you have tons of fun making all kinds of cute things! <3

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