My Crochet Tips in Homemaker Magazine, Issue 14!

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Check out Issue 14 of Homemaker Magazine out of the U.K.!

They contacted me a few months ago to offer a few crochet tips for beginners and chat about yarn a little bit, and it’s out now!  I ordered a  hardcopy, but I also just purchased a softcopy on my iPhone with the free Homemaker Magazine app. The rest of the magazine has a wide variety of tips and articles, from sewing to knitting to organizing your home!

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5 Replies to “My Crochet Tips in Homemaker Magazine, Issue 14!”

  1. em says:


  2. Sapphire says:

    ahhh well done! That’s seriously an awesome achievement 😀

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. Dang it! the UK has the coolest mags! That;s awesome sauce~! Congrats! Ill down load a copy tonight! looks like a great read! XO

  4. Dee Martin says:

    Hi. This looks great. I will be passing this info mo my friends. Please keep up the good work with your writing. I really enjoy it. Love ya from Arizona, USA

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