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One of my blog sponsors, Blippo – Japan & Kawaii shop, who provided awesome prizes for my December giveaway, also sent me a super cute stationery package! They offer free shipping, and their packages ship out of their warehouse in Hong Kong (so it may take a week or two to get to you!).

I’d have to say my favorite item in the package is the Yummy Eraser set!

blippo2The only problem with erasers like these is that you’ll never use them since you won’t want to ruin them!

I also received a Lifestyle Calendar Book. It has a sweet and simple, plastic-covered cover, and I was surprised to find that the inside had lots of different things in it like little sayings, images of knitted flowers or felted hearts, day-of-the-week grids, and tons of places to take notes.

blippo7Blippo has a LOT of cute notebooks and stationery. Some favorites are the Burger/Sandwich memo pad, Blythe note paper, Chocolate memo pad.

I also got these neat emoticon stickers! They are currently out of stock, though!

blippo6Some other cool sticker sets: Rilakkuma sticker set, Animal sticker set, Blythe sticker set.

And finally, I got this cute little mechanical pencil that looks like a real pencil and says “Life creative.”

blippo3More cute writing tools: Popcorn Otoki pencil & eraser set, Bunny Pen, Ice Cream Pen.

Blippo sells way more than just cute stationery. They also have purses, Japanese magazines, snacks and candy, cell phone accessories, and more!

Thank you, Blippo, for the super cute package!





5 Comments on “Cute Stationery from Blippo!”

  • Jaymi


    I used to make jewelry using those erasers! 🙂

    • TwinkieChan


      I like it! Accessorize…..and erase life’s booboos at the same time!

  • em


    super cute!

    • TwinkieChan


      I am trying to hold back on going shopping crazy on the site!

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