Meadham Kirchoff for TopShop! OMG!

MKHow I wish this were actually a WIWT post! I am dying for so many pieces in the Meadham Kirchoff for TopShop collection! I realize it may look a hot mess to many people, but, I need sparkly green monster booties like I need oxygen. Too bad they are already sold out…. and the collection just launched today!

There are 60+ pieces on the TopShop site, although I thought I read somewhere that there were 80 pieces. The small sample I picked represents only a taste of what they have. While I’m drawn to the pastels, there are also other color stories, including this bright red and aqua frilly PVC jumper,  and this granny square dress!

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 10.03.15 PM


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  • Cara


    HOW DO THESE THINGS EVEN EXIST? I am also drawn to the pastel stuff but it’s all so good I’m even in awe of the bold, red stuff (and I HATE red usually). I can’t stop gazing at the Rainbow Tucked blouse and the damn mary janes (fur trim or otherwise)!!!

    • TwinkieChan


      I’m dying for the pastel rain coat!!!! I emailed my bestie and said, “We need to DIY THIS!” and she said, “What the shizznit? No.”

      Booo 🙁

  • Yeah, there was supposed to be 89 but only 66 available on the UK site. Maybe the full range is only available in the flagship stores?

    I bought the eyeball dress but I want EVERYTHING! Especially the PVC raincoat! And the fluffy pastel coat. And the fluffy pastel bag… Ok, I want everything!


    • TwinkieChan


      It looked like they rolled out new items as old ones started to sell out. I didn’t end up buying anything from the collection. ONce the green shoes went, I didn’t feel as much love for anything else!

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