New Pattern in My Shop: Candy Corn Kitty Hat

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I just added the crochet pattern for the Candy Corn Kitty Hat to my Etsy shop, so I expect to see an army of candy corn kitties very shortly!

I designed this hat to fit me, so keep in mind, this is not a pattern for the wee ones, but for a small adult or lady’s head.

Don’t forget that finished Candy Corn Kitty Hats are also available here, and there’s also the Pumpkin/Jack o Lantern slouchy beret here, and also Jack o Lantern mitts here!

I still have a few more Halloween surprises up my sleeve, even though the big day is coming up really quickly! I’m hoping to blog about the next one before Friday!

3 Comments on “New Pattern in My Shop: Candy Corn Kitty Hat”

  • Joan


    Thank you Twinkiechan for your fun-cute Candy Corn Kitty Hat pattern, now to have lots of fun making kitty hats.

  • Ariana


    Hi Twinkie Chan I went on Etsy but it seems to be unavailable. I really wanted to make myself one, is there any other way for me to get the pattern?

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