Candy Corn Kitty Hats – in my shop now!


New in my shop! Candy Corn Kitty hats! I’m releasing 5 of them right now, since we are so close to Halloween already, but if I happen to have enough time and if these 5 sell out, I will try to release a few more.

Oh yeah, here’s the sketch I drew to help me plan my design. I know y’all love when I show off my fine-arts drawing skills.

Candy Corn Kitty

Hmm oops. So, I guess I didn’t save the hat sketch. All I have is the scarflet sketch I started with and decided to chuck. Oh well, I guess that’s part of the process I went through, too!


I was thinking about how I kinda wanted to make something candy-corn-themed, without being just plain candy corn (there’s a lot of that stuff out there already). Somehow, a kitty came into the equation for no real reason at all. That’s a really un-interesting story. Sorry! That’s how it is sometimes!

P.S. I decided to also post the pattern for this hat in my Etsy shop, along with a template for the face-parts, if you are not so inclined to cut them free-hand. That may take me a few more days to get nice n pretty, but you can be expecting a post about that soon!





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