YES. “They’re real. And they’re spectacular!!” (Super Good T-shirts)

If you don’t recognize the quote from my blog title…it’s from this episode of Seinfeld!


This must-have t-shirt for all my fellow four-eyed babes is a design by my good buddy Candace of Super Good! She is world-famous for her hilarious and wacky t-shirt descriptions:

“Fig. 1: The perfect way to show the world you pride yourself in your poor eyesight!  Any inference beyond that, regarding your other appendages, is purely conjecture.  Use caution when wearing this shirt.

Fig. 2: And hey, maybe your glasses AREN’T real, who cares!  You can still wear the shirt! I won’t tell the glasses police.  But I also won’t tell the real police, when they fine you for driving without your glasses!  There’s gotta be consistency in our story or no one will believe it!!”

She’s giving you guys a 10% off code for all her t-shirts: FRIENDSOFTWINKIE10

She told me the code lasts until November, so act now!! There’s lots of cute and funny stuff! (But please note that the code only works for t-shirts and not for accessories.)

sgd-gs-027-full“Finally, a shirt for those who can only express their gratitude in multicolored pastels.  A shirt for those who find the hard, pointy corners of most typefaces featured in plastic bag logos to be too harsh.  A shirt for positive people, who love to display their appreciation right on their chest!!  Or for negative people, with a love for ironic garments. Neutral people can also wear this shirt by turning it inside out.  Truly, a shirt for all of mankind.”

I gotta have anything and everything to do with pastel rainbows!!! And being thankful, obviously.

These are the two shirts I bought. Which ones would you choose?

(Here are some outtakes!)

outtakes(p.s. is anyone still watching ANTM? Candace and I are. I think we might be the only 2 people left on the planet that are doing so. I was just thinking about how I have a really short neck, and Tyra would be yelling at me about it all the time.)


9 Comments on “YES. “They’re real. And they’re spectacular!!” (Super Good T-shirts)”


    I watch ANTM too haha!


    • TwinkieChan


      How did Bryanboy get that job! what kinds of social media calculating does he do!? hehehe

  • Love it! I checked out her website and I don’t really wear t-shirts with sayings, but I definitely like to read them! My sister could probably use the ‘My only friend’ computer version, haha!

    I have been watching ANTM too — what a weird and wacky season (as always) – I think my favorites right now are Jordan (even though everyone hates her) and Nina.

    • TwinkieChan


      Yeah Jordan gets the job done, even though she’s kinda WEIRD.

      I lika Jiana, even though I know she prob won’t win.

  • Leslie


    Super cute! I love the colors in the Thank You top!

    • TwinkieChan


      Me too me too! Pastel rainbows forevers!

  • Elizabeth


    hahah don’t worry I watch ANTM too!!!! it’s interesting now that they mixed boys and girls together 🙂 and I love the thank you shirt. I need one in my life pastel and rainbows forever!!!!

  • kelly


    woot, glad to know i’m not the only one still watching antm! super sad that jiana went home last week :*(

    • TwinkieChan


      I know, me too!!!!

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