Clairey Lou’s Super Cute Cupcakes


I am working on pulling the third out of 3 of this week’s work miracles within the next 18 hours, but let’s take a quick break and check out the super cute cupcake pins that ClaireyLou sent me!


I know you might be all like, “Not another cupcake pin!” but her work is so cute and delicate and ladylike and well-made. You will not be disappointed! I was afraid that I took so long to blog about them, that Claire might think I hated them, but really, I love them and have just been so super crazy lately.

ClaireyLou3Can you tell that I still haven’t cleaned up my craft room? EEP? Uh, maybe NEXT week!! 😛 In the mean time, check out Claire’s shop and say hello! She has a coupon code right now, too, that ends tomorrow!



4 Comments on “Clairey Lou’s Super Cute Cupcakes”

  • Danielle


    Those are so pretty! I love how they look with that sweater. Her work is super cute, definitely adding to my Etsy favorites.

  • Kathleen


    So very cute! I love your mint cardigan by the way!

  • claire


    Aww! Thanks 🙂
    They look so cute on you!!!

  • Sami


    Super cute!!

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