That One Time My Eye Exploded

A few weeks ago, Hairy and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom (which is awesome, bee tee dubs, see it!), and afterwards, we went to get a snack, and he freaked and said…

YOUR EYE IS BLOODY!!!!! Like not red like an allergy but like BLOOD ON YOUR EYE. LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK ATTTTT ITTTT!!!”

This was interesting to me, because I felt no pain and had no change in my vision. But I was also SCARED to look at it because he made it sound SO SCARRRRRY.

I wanted to share this with you so you don’t FREAK THE EFF OUT if this happens to you! The only reason I didn’t freak the eff out was because I knew this had happened to my mom before, so now that you know it has happened to ME before, you can calm down a little.

So it’s not really call Explodey Eye, but subconjunctival hemorrhage. It’s when a tiny blood vessel on your eye bursts and leaks out underneath the surface and spreads all around. It takes a few weeks for the blood to get re-absorbed, so you look like you have a zombie disease for a while.

At the time, I didn’t really know if I had to go to the emergency room or make a doctor’s appointment or what, but the 24-hr nurse hotline said that there wasn’t much anybody could do about it,  and to just let nature take its course, as long as there was no pain and no change in vision. If this happens to you, I would suggest you call your doctor of course, but I just wanted you to not be scared that your eyeball was going to fall out of your face.

The nurse also mentioned that anything tiny thing could make a blood vessel burst – accidentally poking yourself, sneezing, coughing, “BOWEL MOVEMENTS.” So if you don’t do any of those things, you’re set!

I am putting my photo behind a LINK in case you guys don’t like to get gross-out surprised.  I tried to chart the changes in my eyeball every day, and then I got sort of bored of near the end, so you don’t get the full range to recover, but it’s pretty weird to watch the blood move around. Enjoy! Don’t run with the scissors.

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17 Replies to “That One Time My Eye Exploded”

  1. NICOLE says:

    When i had my eye surgery in february to correct my lazy eye, the corner of my eye looked like that too… It took about two weeks to clear up

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      The human body is pretty weird!

    2. Lee says:

      Was the eye painful after the surgery?

      1. Lizzie says:

        I had that same surgery way back in the day, and had the same crazy bloody eyes going on!

        .. and yes, it’s painful afterward!

  2. Kat says:

    Awesome! lol. Not really. I’ve seen that before. Our bodies are so weird. They do stuff that happens just because! I’ve actually seen that worse, where almost the whole white part was covered in blood. Good thing it doesn’t hurt!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Yeah the nurse was like, “It might look bad. IT MIGHT LOOK REALLY BAD. But don’t worry.” Heheh

  3. Christina says:

    ewwww… but i’m super glad you posted a pic… cause i really was just too curious and had to see! But really, not that bad. 🙂 Like the other peeps have said here, bodies are weird, and we’re all human. But I would have freaked out too, haha! It’s looking a lot better!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      It’s totally back to normal now. YAY!

  4. Clara M says:

    My eyes do that a lot. It was super scary when I was in like 3rd grade and everyone freaked out.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      A lot!? Wow! You must have very sensitive eyeballs!

  5. Amoxelle says:

    Zombie Twinkie Raagh!

    Actually I’ve had several students when I taught middle school had the same thing happen to them and my boss all in the same school year. The closest I’ve had to it is the blood vessels in my eyes being extra showy after a case of a severe food poisoning.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Well that doesn’t sound any fun either! : /

  6. Kim says:

    Gross but awesome.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Yes, I agree. It was pretty gross!

  7. Kelsea says:

    Yikes, thanks for the warning! Hah. I have to say, this post made me crack up so much when I read all of the potential zombie eye triggers. I was actually just thinking it might be a good idea to read some gross blogs once in a while because otherwise all of the food I see on blogs everywhere makes me SO HUNGRY. So thanks for the break! Lol.

  8. edralyn lao says:

    my eyes are like these rn but on the upper part, should i still go to the doctor that i know this already tho?

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      I talked to an advice nurse…..

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