Marshmallow Muggin’!

Doesn’t the 2nd fella from the right look a bit…menacing?

Once upon a time, I sold “My Pet Marshmallows” on eBay. They have now come back in a super fun and delicious collaboration with Onch Movement for his BANG pop-up shop at Royal/T, open until July 14th!

There is an EXTREMELY limited amount of these marshmallow necklaces, so if you are interested, you need to grab them quick! There are all-white sets and also pastel marshmallow sets!

Check them out in this photo I stole from Onch’s Facebook album from the opening party!

Also notice the pink chicken leg necklaces we made, based on the pink chicken wing and leg pieces that Onch makes. You might also want to know that this will be Royal/T’s last pop-up, FOREVS! GO NOW! Or you’ll REGRET IT!

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