Little Twin Stars!

I had dinner with my family tonight so that I could take a picture with my little brother.

He just dyed his hair for a Sharks’ game, and when he texted a photo, I told him we HAD to take a picture together before his hair faded out. I don’t think he’s bleached or dyed his hair since he was in high school, and I was the one bleaching and dyeing his hair (poorly, I might add!).

He and I are really different, and he’s much more of a grown-up than I am, even though I’m 6 years older. I always thought he was funny and cool, though, and when I wrote up a “Perfect Boyfriend” quiz when I was 18, one of the questions on the list was, “Do you think my brother is cool?!” because I didn’t want to date anyone who thought they were too cool to hang with my lil bro!

When we were little, he was the hellion who ripped out handfuls of my hair, hid the heads of my Barbie dolls, and screamed his head off in public places. He deserved any and all torture I may have exacted upon him! I was always afraid that when he grew to be bigger than me, he would exact some crazy revenge. Luckily, he turned out to be a nice guy!

p.s. I’m still editing photos for the Etsy update, which will hopefully be late tonight or some time tomorrow. I took them in the middle of the night in my craft room, so all the lighting is really funky, but I wanted to get the photos done ASAP! Stay tuned!

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  • Sami


    Aww thats so sweet about the quiz 🙂
    I also noticed his top, I ordered from Zazzle recently haha small world XD

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