Too much of a good thing.

You guys. I have too much yarn. It’s official. I need to do major yarn yard sale!!!


Sorry for the delay in re-opening and updating my Etsy shop. I had to take some time to make my yarn wall look more organized. My licensing team for Yummy You! wanted me to shoot a photo in front of my yarn wall for a poster they are printing for a licensing show, and my skills + my camera = no good for a 3 ft. x 5 ft poster. So I hired a local photog via  referral from my hair stylist, and she is coming over tomorrow to take pics! So I’m cleaning like crazy!!! You can’t imagine what a disaster all my craft stuff was after prepping for Bust Craftacular. I think I’m almost done picking up, though. I’ll do before and after pics later, but here are some quick snaps from my Instagram!


11 Comments on “Too much of a good thing.”

  • Mary


    I still want your yarn wall. XD So much color!

    • Tina


      Me too! I´d like to own every colour of my favourite german cotton yarn. 🙂

      • Yasmine


        Snap! Yarn is so gosh darn expensive in England; its unbelievable so I dont have many skeins… *cue sad violins*
        I can only hope that one day, I’ll be able to have a yarn wall like Twinkie’s……………………….*sigh*

  • Candy Calavera


    I love all the pics you post of your crafting environment!

  • Barny


    I love your yarn wall 🙂 must be so satisfrying once its all away!

    Barnicles x

  • Your yarn wall is amazing… I neeeed a yarn wall!

  • Rebecca Contreras


    I so would buy yarn!!! 🙂 <3

  • Amanda


    As my mom would say: You can never have too much yarn!

    Especially since you use so much of it~

  • Sami


    My dad works for a Yarn company, I should get him to send you freebies XD

  • KiraMay


    Thats okay, but you will open your store soon won’t u Twinkie? Relax, and don’t get too stressed. I hope your yummy you line comes out soon!!

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