Wanna reserve/pre-order an I Scream Ghost Tshirt?

PRE-ORDERING IS CLOSED NOW! Thank you all who ordered a shirt 🙂 xoxoxoxoxox


Hey gang,

I wasn’t sure how many I Scream Ghost tshirts to print or in what sizes, so I thought I’d try opening up a pre-order for them for a week, from today (Sunday) until next Sunday, October 17. Then I’d need another week to print the shirts and ship them out, but I’ll send them Priority within the U.S. so you should definitely get them before Halloween, but I plan to wear mine beyond Halloween, too!

They are $20 each, $5 shipping worldwide.

I know it’s last minute, so if there is no interest, I am totally cool with that. I just thought I’d try it out!

I prefer the 50/50 cotton-poly blend shirts, available to you in Black, Br0wn, Heathered Black (like a dark, heathered gray), and Orchid (medium lavender). In sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. There is a a slight scoop in the neck, and the fabric is super stretchy and soft. I wear a size Medium in it.

But I also love the colors of the regular fine jersey cotton shirt. Available to you are Fucshia, Mint, Sunshine, and Aqua. In sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL. The fit is smaller, so I wear a size Large in it.



17 Comments on “Wanna reserve/pre-order an I Scream Ghost Tshirt?”

  • Maki


    The shirt is super cute! too bad it says “Twinkie Chan” .. not a fan of paying for shirts then advertising to others :/

    • Well, that’s the thing with branding. I want to make sure the world knows it’s a shirt of mine, and not some generic shirt. When I buy clothes from my crafty/designer friends, I am proud and happy to promote them and their indie businesses. But I feel you. I don’t want “PINK” or “JUICY” across my butt, either, but clearly a lot of people do! So everyone will have a different take on all of it. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Karin


    This is an awesome shirt!! Made of super-awesomeness! I love it 🙂

    • Thanks, Karin! I colored it in with pastels and it looked SO CUTE but totally not like ghosts anymore!

  • Tiffany Lopez


    ooooo I want one! and I’ll gladly wear your name 😉 to me it’s like the artist signing the art I’m wearing vs wearing the label of a brand people think is in… (so not my thing)

    • Thank you for getting one! 🙂 I can see how it can be a fine line with branding, but that is just up to each individual consumer to decide what they choose to put out there!

      • Tiffany Lopez


        thank YOU for making such amazing cuteness 😀

  • kimmi


    Ordered mine! I’ll be proud and loud to wear my twinkie chan shirt! Would you be able to combine ship it with my pumpkin mitts?

    • Thanks, Kimmi! I could if you like, but your mitts will probably be ready to ship before the shirt?

      • kimmi


        My October is jam packed with traveling so I don’t even know when I’ll be home to attack my packages. It’d probably be more convenient to just ship them together but whatever works for you best is fine too.

  • MaDonna


    I want one! I will pre-order on FRIDAY!! Sooo cute!

  • Mary


    !!! I’m going to try really hard to make some Etsy sales this week to preorder one of these , it was hearted when they were in your Etsy shop because it’s super cute! <3

  • Sylvette Marie


    Love it i really want one this I can wear in my tropical island 🙂

  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Ill be nabbing one when I get paid Thursday! YAY!!!!!

  • can’t wait to wear my shirt! your artwork is super cute! I tell everyone I know about how awesome your artwork is! =D

  • omg those are so cute, i would so love to have one for spooky day , , by any chance do you ever do swaps for like supplies and such ?? i have tons of crafting goodies and all but i am so broke i would not be able to get my self out of a locked door , please let me know i would so hook ya up of some craft supplies thanks
    georgia from ohio

    • Hi! I have to close ordering on the shirt for now because I need to get them all printed up and shipped out on time. Unfortunately, my craft room is also overflowing with supplies that I need to use up, so I feel like it would be a bad idea for me to do a supply swap 😛 😛 but if I think of something I need, I’ll ask you if you have it! 😛

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