Etsy shop update!


I just updated the shop with some Halloween goodies! I’m doing pre-orders (sorry it’s kinda late in the game!) so the earlier you order, the sooner you’ll get your items! Remember to give me some time to make them, but I promise to ship everything by Oct. 21.

There are also some other new items in there, including cupcake slouchy hats and cupcake iphone/gadget cozies. Check em all out!

6 Comments on “Etsy shop update!”

  • chinamommy


    OH, everything is SOOOOOOOOO cute! i love the hats, i think i’ll put out your book and made one!!!

  • Laura


    I love the new stuff! Especially the mittens! Maybe I should get some before it gets too cold here~~~

    I kept on forgetting to tell you about this book I found in the video store the other day. かぎ針あみスイーツのこもの (look it up on I tried to link but it was a mess!!!) It’s so cute and everything is food themed! I can send you pictures of the pages if you’re interested. Anyway, if you look at the cover of the book, it’s a cute strawberry cake, yes? But it’s really a stack of coasters! The cake just appears when you stack it up. The whole book is food themed, so naturally I thought of you.

    Keep up all your work! You inspire me to believe that one day I too can make my crochet into more than a hobby 😀

  • kimmi


    Oh Halloween, you are hitting my wallet so hard. I want those mitts so bad but my costume has completely drained my bank account T.T

  • Sylvette Marie


    Super Cute & Spooky love it!!!

  • Heather


    I saw your book in the store the other day it was a crochet one. I begged my mom to get it for me because my friend, M, LOVES stuff like this and she can’t crochet but I can and I would love this stuff too…my mom refused but I don’t want to buy it I want to make my own so that it truly is a present from me. I hope to raise my own money to buy the book soon(: keep making stuff it’s cool!(:

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